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What are the main features of a gift box?


Gift wrap cartons can be roughly divided into two types:
One is folding carton, that is, the products can be folded and pressed; The other is the fixed box, that is, the products can not be folded and pressed into the cardboard box. At the same time, folding carton has been widely used for its advantages of small area and convenient transportation. The shape of gift boxes is mainly reflected by the types of shopping boxes through personalized customization and different customization needs. Such boxes are generally private signature, not sold in batches, from the point of view of the planning itself, the invention of gift packaging is also an artistic element.

Batch gift packaging is popular and universal, which is mainly manifested by the gift ethics culture, and the brand gift packaging also has the characteristics of brand publicity. From the promotion of customers to buy hope together, to meet the customer's inner unease scruples. This is the main embodiment of brand effect.

The use of gift elements is formed by combining the demand of shopping malls. Domestic gift packaging tends to be more and more high-end packaging boxes, but the price is also high. The hesitation of businesses leads to a variety of inferior quality and jerry-built gift packaging. You can't even tell good from bad outside the box. Packaging work is also faced with the impact of low quality words such as cost performance.

The application of folding carton has 7 characteristics:
1. Protection of goods
It not only makes fragile items play the role of fixed items, protect the goods in the box, but also can use sterilization sealing method, prevent food in the filling process corrosion and pollution.

2. Suitable for all kinds of printing
Its surface is not only suitable for intaglio, relief, lithography printing, but also can use a variety of patterns, text decoration.

3. Low cost
Paper processing of various packaging materials are cheaper than metal, plastic, glass and other materials.

4. Easy to process
It is simple and easy to process cardboard into various containers in the desired shape by means of scissors, rolling, folding and bonding.

5. Easy storage to save space and transportation

The utility model saves warehouse space, covers an area and transportation space.

6. Suitable for automatic packaging
Because of its simple structure, folding carton is suitable for filling and sealing of automatic mechanical equipment.

7. Easy to sell and display
The folding carton itself is displayed in front of consumers in different positions, such as window opening, portability, expansion display, etc., for the convenience of customers' choice and use.

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