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The characteristics of several different self-adhesive label paper are introduced.


Self-adhesive label, also known as self-adhesive label, is a composite material made of paper, film or special materials, coated with adhesive on the back and coated with silicon paper as protection paper. It becomes a product label after processing by printing and die-cutting. When applied, just peel from the backing paper, gently press, you can paste to a variety of substrates large surface, also can use the labeling machine on the production line automatic labeling.

PET label paper
Polyester film label paper is made of fiber material, hard and brittle is good, is one of the senior label paper. And generally can be applied to more expensive electronic equipment, such as mobile phone batteries, displays, air conditioning compressors, etc., are required to use such high-level label paper.

PVC label paper
Daily we see a lot of self-adhesive label paper belongs to PVC label paper, its texture is more soft, some watches, jewelry, metal materials, etc., are to use such label paper.

Heat-sensitive label paper

Such a label paper is suitable for low voltage print head to print, the damage to the print head is relatively small, and the practicability is also very strong. It is widely used in the food delivery industry.

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